“College Over” – Boost your career to the next level

This site is a friend & guide to college graduates and working professionals in your seek towards career growth and a better intellectual insight in professional life.

Growing from a fresh graduate to a full-grown professional is tough. Believe me. There are way more challenges and commitments that you can not even imagine being a student or a fresher.

It is like taking control of the brand new car you built. A wrong shift can take all your effort to the pit.

Cheer up and stay focused. I have spent years of my professional life learning & implementing. The only way to success is through intellectual embellishment, planned execution and continued dedication.

This site will guide you to your correct career path, giving you proper intent in searching your dream career goals and path.

It will teach you not only seek the “how to” do, but equip you with the acumen to know the “why to” do.

Remember the popular quote by Confucius

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Start working for a goal – you value the most. Keep both long term and short term plans for succeeding in life.

I have compiled all information based on various personal and shared experiences as well as verified online sources with proper research, providing you with links for in-depth study.

Check out this Career Guidance article which will guide you a lot deeper while planning your next career move.

Keep reading fellas!! Be informed and stay happy.

“College Over” – Boost your career to the next level

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