Freelancing your way to success

Freelancing is not a new concept, but with the gradual surge in business requirements and shortage of continuous funds and resources, companies are resorting towards hiring freelance employees even more than ever. The reason is simple, hiring freelancers is cheaper & the quality or talent is the same as that of a full-time employee (or even better sometimes).

In the current situation of this novel coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic where almost 62% of the world’s working population is put to a lockdown state and there is no surety on its normalcy, any skilled individual may consider freelancing as a backup. I am not suggesting leaving your full-time job and becoming a freelancer, rather, keep the doors open for a wide range of exciting new possibilities.

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So, let us get a brief idea of the skills, experience, and abilities to become a freelancer and also get selected in one of the best freelance providers. I will considerably provide the information that worked for me, helped me make more than $10000 in a matter of 2 months of effort. The path was never easy, so get ready for the hard facts.

Tips to become an online freelancer :

  1. Develop your area of expertise according to the requirements of the freelancing companies: There are hundreds of businesses with thousands of requirements. As a freelancer, you must develop your skills or learn a new technique that could be sold. Say, you are a software engineer with knowledge in coding. You might be working with a firm or organization that pays well, but do you know being a freelancer you can earn at least 30% higher with the flexibility in work? All you need to do is get a solid understanding of the business’ requirements and adapt yourself to fit for the position. Work more on new technologies. A good example would be getting introduced to Devops and Automated testing which is very likely to be considered by employers these days. Reading and understanding a job title and description makes the half job done.
  2. Get certified : Nothing looks better than a well-reputed certification on your resume. It adds value to your knowledge, experience and expertise. Studies show that certified individuals are more likely (70% higher) to be employed by companies than their counterparts. Also, studying for a tough certification can brush up your skills to a whole new level which would, in the long run, be beneficial for job search and selection.
  3. Practice to the way of perfection: There is no alternative to knowledge development and practice. If you are a coder, write more and better codes; a writer? keep writing deep and meaningful content. From photographer to animator, all creative fields can be employed in freelancing only by mastering the skills. There is a concept of employ-ability. To be considered employable, one must prove himself/herself to be better than the others. It is easier said than done. So start gathering knowledge and practising for your desired role. Below are some site you may visit to get a boost:
  • HackerRank: It provides a wide range of practice options from coding programming languages to mathematics and database.
  • CodeChef: This provides an online forum to write codes in an editor and participate in competitions.
  • X3 Showcase: It is an online portfolio site for budding and expert level photographers.
  • Social media: Try to make the best use of social media sites like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook to build your portfolio on photography, animation, video editing, etc.

Freelancing your way to success
Freelance Concept

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