The CollegeOver Expert Membership

If you happen to be an engineering graduate or a student with ample knowledge and technical expertise in your domain, we have something really exciting for you.

It’s a free, online, and highly collaborative membership plan where we can share ideas and services.

What is the CollegeOver Expert membership program and how can it help you?

The expert program is an inclusive and versatile association of engineering professionals.

Yes, it will be free to enter membership. The program will be accessible to all candidates selected by resume shortlisting and a questionnaire if needed.

Selected members will share knowledge, tutor needy students, discuss aspects of jobs and projects. Expert members will not be limited to a single scope of action, but the vista is boundless.

First, we’ll connect via an email shortlisting spree to associate only genuine users.

Next, a portal will be provided for daily tasks and assignments (for which you will earn real money according to business requirements)

A discussion forum, Facebook group access will be provided as well.

To start the process, email your resume to – [email protected]

To view the entire program details click here

There is only to gain and learn from a professional association, lets connect!!

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