Cover Letter Format

I am sharing a detailed cover letter for I.T. engineers. This format can be used by candidates of any background just by changing the skills and experiences.

Dear Frank,

I’m writing to express my interest in your posting for an experienced System Administrator. I am a certified RedHat Delivery specialist in container administration. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering and hands-on experience overseeing the design, development, integration, deployment, testing, and maintenance of various I.T. systems. I believe my skills perfectly suit your needs.

I enjoy building and managing large, complex IT networks and enjoy the process of building and determining a solution. I am able to quickly identify new resolutions that will not only help solve major business problems but also ensure that the system works properly as per required customer specifications.

The requirements and skills listed on your website closely match my background and future career goals. I look to grow in my role as a System Administrator. I believe your company will be an ideal place to apply my education and work experience.

My CV is attached. I can be reached anytime on my mobile/email. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity.

Candidate initials

The above cover letter has four distinct sections emphasizing your work and abilities. You are requested to use as many section and details required as per your experience. Freshers and less experience can mention 1-2 sections and that will be enough.

Resume / Curriculum Vitae Template

Resume and CV formats can be of similar format and a single format can be maintained to avoid complexity. Only the level of detail should vary in them.

Also note, nowadays the terms C.V.s and Resumes are sometimes used interchangeably and recruiters might ask for a detailed Resume, which is nothing but your C.V.

A sample resume / CV format is shown below. Please note that this is only a sample format and you need to re-arrange the data and headers by yourself.

A link to the PDF document of the above Resume / CV format is attached. Click this link.

  • Open this PDF via Word 2016 and start editing details.
  • If you need any help on resume writing, please mail your profile details to our editorial email ID – [email protected]

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