Are you an expert engineering student or a tutor?

Do you want to solve challenging and difficult engineering problems not only to improve your knowledge but also to earn money?

Would you like to associate and form a team of a multitude of like minded engineers?

If the answer is YES, you can start an exhilarating journey with us – by collaborating here and making use of this platform.

What’s the deal? For whom is it?

…you are an engineering student or a pass-out with ample time and passion to learn and collaborate professionally.

…you are curious about the ever-changing technical megadome and have something to learn and share.

If you are self-motivated enough, you may connect and become a CollegeOver Expert member.

What is the Expert Solving program?

The collegeover expert membership is an all-round solution for engineering professionals.

What to expect from the program?

…you receive questions, tasks and assignments on our portal – each day morning sharp at 7AM and evening 7PM.

…assign tasks to yourself and start solving at your own pace

…brush up your skills but send your responses within 1hrs max.

…you get paid by the quality and quantity of your answers.

…earn up-to 4000 INR** per month by just answering 50 questions.

…solve more and earn more, but quality matters than quantity.

** Terms and Conditions: Earnings are subjective to usability of the answers, which would be transparently shared to the engineers.

The motive of this campaign is to create an impulse and propagate the sense of productivity and resourcefulness among Indian engineers. Currently, we are starting with only the Electrical Engineering B.Tech cohort, but we aim to help candidates of all engineering backgrounds.

This is not all…

We are a team of professionals, we can do more-

…engage in learning and teaching – almost anything.

…get trained and polished for a tougher tomorrow.

…discuss job options and scopes.

…improve soft skills in facing the real challenges in job interviews.

& many more all for Free!! There are no charges at all.

If you are interested in collaborating and taking part in this campaign with your expert engineering command and problem-solving skills, please send your academic Resume (no more than 1 page) to [email protected]

We will send the joining process and formalities next.

Let us make an association for lifetime.

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